Prafulla Chandra Ray (Chemist)

Prafulla Chandra Ray (Chemist)

Acharya Sir Prafulla Chandra Ray was a well-known Indian scientist and first “modern” Indian chemical researchers and teacher. He was known as "Father of Indian Chemistry".

Born: August 2, 1861, Khulna, Bangladesh Education: University of Edinburgh (1887), Vidyasagar College.


  • In 1889,he became an assistant professor of chemistry at the presidency college. He published around 150 research papers during his lifetime, mostly of his articles on science.
  • In 1892,he established Bengal Chemical Works with a small capital of 700 INR.
  • In 1920, He was elected as the Indian Science Congress President.

Books: Research Papers of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy: A Complete Collection.

Organization founded: In 1901, the enterprise became a limited company, Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works Ltd and India’s first pharmaceutical company.

Died: June 16, 1944, Kolkata.

In 1932 and 1935, His autobiography “Life and Experiences of a Bengali Chemist”, published in two volumes.