Telangana Culture and Heritage quiz 1

1.In Telangana, Which dynasty issued copper inscriptions?

2.In which of the following year, the thousand pillars temple was constructed?

3.which of the following dynasty, the fifth sultan mohammed quli qutub shahi belongs to?

4.The Antralaya Stambam, which has sanskrit inscription is located at which place ?

5.As per the Islamic lunar calendar, at which month muslims celebrate ramzan festival ?

6.What is the second biggest tribal festival of tribal people?

7.During the first Sunday of Aashaadam, Bonalu celebrations begin at which place ? its capital of the medieval sultanate of the Qutb Shahi dynasty

8.Dashami is _____ day of a Hindu calendar month?

9.The festival “moharram” is famously known as ?

10.What is the main festival of Telangana state?