Indian Scientists Quiz 1

1.who conducted the survey on birds (Well known as the "Bird Man of India") ?

2.Which of the following mathematician made contributions to number theory and infinte series?

3.Who is the Indian - American biochemist who got the Nobel Prize in 1968?

4.A famous scientist who founded Bhabha Atomic research Centre in Mumbai is?

5.who is the famous biologist, physicist who conducted research on the Electromagnetic waves?

6.Name the great nuclear scientist who set up the first rocket launching at Thumba, India?

7.The major mathematician and astronomer invented zero and the number system is?

8.who got the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna & also known as the ' Missile Man of India'?

9.The first Asian scientist to get the Nobel prize for Physics is?

10.The Father of Indian Space Program is?